To: San Francisco Board of Supervisors

San Francisco: Ban the Sale of Fur!

End the sale of cruel fur products in San Francisco

Why is this important?

The SF Fur Ban has already passed the first vote! Help us make sure it passes the final vote, happening later this month.

Every year over 50 million animals, including dogs and cats, are confined and killed in the fur industry. Many of these animals, like foxes, rabbits and minks are kept in small cages for their entire lives where they go insane from boredom and stress. In order to prevent damage to their skins, these animals are gassed to death or anally and vaginally electrocuted. Other animals, like coyotes, are trapped in the wild where they are separated from their children and endure days of suffering before they are bludgeoned or shot to death.

Given this brutality, other progressive cities, such as West Hollywood and Berkeley, have passed bans on fur products. Gucci, Michael Kors, and other designers have recently prohibited the use of fur in their fashion lines. And just a few days ago, the nation of Norway committed to ending the production of fur. By taking this action, San Francisco will continue its history of protecting the most vulnerable from cruelty and violence and become the first major city in the world to take a stand against the brutality of the fur industry.

I urge you to support this vital legislation. Animals just like our dogs and cats are counting on us, and I’m grateful for your support.