To: Ed Reiskin, Director of Transportation, SFMTA Board of Directors, and Andy Thornley

San Francisco Keep Corporate Greed Out of Your Parking Spaces

SFMTA has set aside 450 parking spots city wide for a pilot program to rental car corporations to be used as free advertising under the guise of being not for profit companies. Their concept being that we are "sharing" these rental cars instead of renting a car. It is more expensive to rent a car by the hour than the day. If SFMTA decides they like the revenue this pilot program brings , the number of these private use parking spaces will increase from 450 spaces to 900 spaces city wide. They will no longer be available for your (public) use. Guess who profits.

These companies have misled the public into believing these actions will help save the environment, when in fact it will put more cars on the streets creating more pollution.

This selfish corporate thinking compromises the local workers who need their vehicles to transport the tools of their various trades to the job sites.

This is just another attack on the working class of San Francisco.

Please support No Public Space for Private Use and sign this petition.

Why is this important?

The city of San Francisco is being bought out by big business and it's coming to your front door. If this pilot program is successful 900 private parking spots will be for the exclusive use of City Car Share, Zipcar and Getaround. No neighborhood is exempt.



Reasons for signing

  • This is outrageous. already in some neighborhoods they have put meters in front of Private homes that are right around the corner from a thoroughfare. Now they want to take out parking spaces in front of private residences. Stop the SFMTA from doing this.
  • This whole initiative is misguided. There is no reduction in cars on the streets, just preferential treatment with cherry positioned FREE parking for people who rent by the hour. It is driving people away from neighborhood shops to places with parking lots. Like, there are two these interlopers on the corner of Carl/Cole. So if I want nice cheese, instead of going to Say Cheese, I will be fired to head to Whole Food. Not good.
  • We no longer have Government, we have industry that has bought Government. Shame on us!

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