To: The Pasadena Mayor and City Council

Save 100 Affordable Student Housing Units in Pasadena

“We the undersigned are deeply concerned that Pasadena may be losing up to a hundred units of affordable housing. Fuller Seminary sold 196 of their student housing units (half of which are affordable) to a high-end developer, who plans to tear down these units to create 430 luxury apartments. Carmel Partners, the developer, invited local affordable housing advocates to help shape their proposal. Presently Carmel is considering only 49 units of their proposed 430 units to be affordable. We ask the Mayor and Pasadena City Council to keep Fuller's Master Plan intact, so that it remains for student housing and 50% affordable.” "I will make every effort to attend the City Council meeting where this will be addressed, likely on June 23rd, at 7pm. Contact me to confirm the date: [email protected]"

Why is this important?

"As a former student at Fuller Seminary, I know how hard it is to find housing that's affordable. Now that I live in a low-income area of Pasadena, I witness the challenges that many here face to afford to remain here when they are being squeezed out by the rising cost of housing. 23,000 household in Pasadena are in need of affordable housing. Students will be competing with those long term residents who grew up in Pasadena and are being priced out and displaced, for the same precious few affordable units that exist. Please sign this petition and attend the Pasadena City Council meeting when this will be address, likely on June 23rd, at 7 pm. The Council Chambers are located at the southeast corner of the second floor of the City Hall. Contact me confirm the date: [email protected]