To: Philip Levine, Mayor of Miami Beach, Joy Malakoff, Commissioner, Dee De Weithorn, Commissioner, Michael Grieco, Commissioner, and Micky Steinberg, Commissioner

Save Allison Park in Miami Beach, Florida

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Stop the Miami Beach City Commission and a private organization from building a 10,000 sq. foot structure in the smallest public park in Miami Beach. Our ocean front green space is precious and must be preserved for future generations, never given away to private entities.

Why is this important?

On December 9, 2015, the Miami Beach City Commissioners will vote to finally approve and send to referendum the construction of a 10,000 + square foot "Wellness Center" on a plot of land currently filled with green space.

We, the undersigned, vehemently oppose the construction of any structure in Allison Park which will reduce our ocean front green space, and particularly, the proposed, three story structure to be owned and maintained by a private entity.

Public green space is vital to the health and well being of all residents of Miami Beach.
The additional parking congestion will negatively impact quality of life for local residents
The lease of public land in this way will set a dangerous precedent: what park is next?
We believe it is the duty of the present to safeguard this endangered resource for those of the future.
While it is clearly time for the city to rethink its means of beach access for disabled persons, this does not necessitate the sacrifice of an entire plot of land, to the construction of a multi-story structure in an area designated as protected for the nesting of three endangered species of sea turtles.

Join us in sending our message to the City of Miami Beach: Stop the proposed construction project in Allison Parkā€”the green space of our city's tiniest park should not be up for grabs.


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