To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Save America Information Technology Worker Jobs

The Information Technology workers of America are losing jobs due to Out Sourcing and H1B Influx. Our workers cannot compete on wages and their lives are in ruin.

Why is this important?

Computer programming skills requires a high degree of intelligence and a college education. US citizens become IT specialists because they like to create technology and utilize its wonders. IT specialists also expect to make a decent living, an above average living for their knowledge and expertise. Instead corporate america in cooperation with the congress, mostly republicans - democrats included, Obama especially, are in favor of this constant influx of H1-B workers and an incredible amount of loop holes. The level of this influx is staggering. American workers are told to train their replacements, then lose there job to a non-US citizen. The results are devastating to American workers, and NOBODY is standing for them - jobs destroyed, more IT workers lives ruined.

This is a petition to eliminate loopholes in the H1B program and levy
higher taxes on employers who hire people with H1B status. The on going H1B
program has resulted in a downward trend for information technology
professionals. Low salaried H1B staff has destroyed the IT profession and
companies all over the country are replacing their existing workforce with
H1B candidates. People have been forced to train their replacements, accept
significantly lower salaries, and no longer be given respect within the work
place. An insider-outsider culture is now prevalent. Give Americans back
their IT careers and stop giving preference for H1B candidates. I cannot
think of any other country in the world that treats its own citizens in such
a terrible way.