To: Bryan Stockton and Jean McKenzie

Save Caroline!

Save Caroline, bring back the archived dolls and preserve that no other dolls are retired!

Why is this important?

American Girl, don't take history away. Last year, you retired four dolls. 4. Why are you taking Caroline from us, too? Learning about the War of 1812 is not in the Common Core. Trust me, I never heard of the War of 1812 until Caroline came out. And my Caroline is having a tough time with school and stuff, and you are just making her feel so depressed that I'll let her stay "home" from school. Plus, Caroline is my sister Sierra's favorite historical. She'll scream if I tell her! And plus, in early 2013, fresh from Caroline's release, there were 13 historicals. With Maryellen coming and Caroline retiring, they'll be 8 dolls in the BeForever lineup at the end of 2015. And besides, Caroline only was a historical for three years, barely. Also, bring back all the archived dolls if you can and try to not retire any dolls. Pleasant Rowland started your company to teach girls history, not take it away from them!