To: Victoria Barr, District Manager, BLM Farmington District Office

Save Chaco Canyon from Fracking

We just filed a federal lawsuit to stop the Bureau of Land Management's approval of a surge of new fracking permits in the Greater Chaco region of New Mexico. Home to Chaco Canyon, extensive Ancestral Pueblo ruins, and Navajo communities, these public lands are considered the cultural heart of the American Southwest. Help us send a message to the BLM that they need to safeguard our water, climate, public health, and cultural heritage sites.

Why is this important?

Western Environmental Law Center is a nonprofit, public-interest environmental law firm. Our expert attorneys are ready to use the full power of the law to stop the Bureau of Land Management from prioritizing corporate income over the health of our environment and communities.


Reasons for signing

  • Fracking should not be permissable ANYWHERE, but especially not at this sacred site.
  • Leave Chaco alone.
  • Chaco is a sacred place. It should be preserved forever for our descendants

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