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To: Board and trustees of CIM

Save CIM

We, as proud alumni, educators and performers, firmly request the distinguished Board of CIM to dismiss President Paul Hogle, Provost Scott Harrison, and Conductor Carlos Kalmar.
Their collective abuse of power has been rampant to the extreme detriment of current and recent students.
After watching in horror for several years the mishandling and denial of students' concerns, we can no longer be idle while our beloved institution rots from within.

The unilateral hiring of Mr. Kalmar by Mr. Hogle was against the recommendation of the search committee as well as the majority of orchestral students. The blatant disregard of student concerns regarding Mr. Kalmar's hostile treatment of them is antithetical to the main purpose of a higher learning institution. They have listened time after time to their own faculty and staff reporting the same abuses, dismissed their concerns, and then…. Nothing happens (other than a “restructuring” and sudden departure of the staff member whose job it was to investigate Title IX complaints).

Why is this important?

As proud CIM alumni, we are horrified to see this beloved and formerly great conservatory being destroyed by the prevailing culture of cronyism and the blatant disregard for the well-being of the students and individuals who dedicate their time and effort within its walls.  An institute of higher learning lives to educate, inspire, and shape the next generation. This is impossible in the current atmosphere of distress and distrust the students have towards President Hogle, Provost Harrison, and Conductor Kalmar.



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