To: Lisa Caputo, Lisa Caputo: Citibank Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs

Save Citibank AmericanAirlines Advantage Debit Card

Citibank's termination of debit card frequent flier mile earning opportunities may seem like a trivial issue compared with other crimes banks are getting away with, but it is highly symbolic of the industry's overall disregard for the consumer. This program was not "free" ($65 annual fee), and those customers willing to pay this fee should continue to be allowed to accrue mileage. Without this program, there is no incentive to continue banking with Citi.

Why is this important?

Citi's decision to discontinue the AA Advantage debit card program is incontrovertible evidence of a corporate ethos that puts profit before customer satisfaction.


Reasons for signing

  • I am leaving Citibank because of this and going back to Bof A
  • I am an EDSer like Rachel though i have the ohpermybility type. I have shared this link on FB and i really hope Rachel gets the medical attetion she needs.All my love,Fellow Fighter Lucy <3
  • I agree with the comments posted to keep the AAdvantage Debit Card ... not everyone wants a Credit Card to earn miles ... this is a Hugh disappointment ... I must consider closing my account with Citibank ... Citibank BEWARE!