To: Dr. Jamshed Bharucha, Cooper Union President

Save Cooper Union Without Tuition

Peter Cooper's mission is necessary more now than ever: Vote to keep Cooper Union as free as air and water!

Why is this important?

Since 2011, the severity of Cooper Union’s financial crisis has catalyzed an enormous response from its community of faculty, students, alumni and staff. Together we’re determined not only to preserve, but to better, Cooper’s foundational mission of free education.

We’ve channeled our collective energies into an open, yearlong brainstorming process focused on preserving a tuition-free Cooper Union. Our results, published in the community-authored report The Way Forward, are based on three straightforward principles: 1. Our mission is not fungible; 2. Our best shot—and it’s a good one—is to tackle spending and live within our means; and 3. in our fight, as in our school, we are united.

Please sign below in support of Cooper Union's historic mission and visit these links for more information: