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To: Congress

Save Free School Meals

When kids go back to school, millions are at risk of going hungry thanks to the end of pandemic-related boosts to SNAP (a.k.a. food stamps). Now, a new proposal from Republicans in Congress threatens the well-being of up to 20 million kids by slashing the free school meals program. This policy would eliminate the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) from the School Lunch Program, which currently allows the highest poverty schools and districts to serve free breakfast and lunch to all kids. It's unacceptable to let any child go hungry at school, and we must take a stand against this cruel plan. Join us in signing this petition to demand that Congress preserve the free school meals program and ensure that no child is denied access to nutritious food during their school day.

Why is this important?

This is not just a matter of compassion; it is essential for the education and future of our youth. Countless studies have demonstrated that hungry children struggle to focus, learn, and reach their full potential academically. By guaranteeing free school meals, we address childhood hunger and make a critical investment in the well-being of our future generations. States like Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, Vermont, and California have already taken steps to implement policies that provide free meals to all kids, resulting in positive outcomes in combating childhood hunger and improving educational performance. It is imperative that we stand firm against any proposal that undermines the free school meals program and instead advocate for policies that make it easier for children to access nutritious meals at school.



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