To: Diane Savino, Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, Basil Seggos, Commissioner of DEC, Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York State, and Michael Cusick, Assembly Member

Save Graniteville Tree Swamp

Put a stop to cutting down 1,850 trees and building a Strip Mall in Mariner's Harbor.

Why is this important?

Graniteville swamp is one of the last freshwater wetlands on Staten Island, but it is facing destruction to put yet another big retailer in our community. The swamp acts as a natural barrier to flooding and clears pollutants from the SI Expressway. We have more than enough stores to choose from in our neighborhood, and we don't want this project to ruin our air quality, lower our property, and put our lives and homes in danger! Please support us and sign our petition.