To: The Maine State House and The Maine State Senate

Save Health care for Low-Income and Disabled Mainers

Stop Governor LePage from making devastating cuts to health care for Maine's most vulnerable citizens. These short-sighted cuts will end up costing Maine more in the long run.

Why is this important?

Governor Paul LePage is trying to push a bill through the Maine State Legislature that would slash the DHHS budget by $220 million, leaving 65,000 low-income and disabled Mainers with no health insurance, and decimating programs and services that work. Mainers have been fighting these cuts loud and strong, and it is having an impact. But we need to keep up the pressure. By signing this petition, you are letting your representatives know that these cuts are just not acceptable. In Maine, we believe in taking care of each other, and we believe that when people have access to needed healthcare services it keeps our state strong.