To: Kevin Faulconer, Mayor, Mark Kersey, Councilman, and Niki McGinnis, Natural Resources Manager

Save Lake Hodges Large Trees & Wildlife Habitat

-HALT the City Lakes " Oak Woodland Fire Fuel Reduction Project"aka "Del Dios Habitat Protection League". Preserve the Large Trees surrounding Lake Hodges, including but not limited to Eucalyptus, California Pepper Trees & Palm trees.
-SAVE the Existing Wildlife Habitat for the Existing Wildlife
-STOP the broad spraying of dangerous Herbicides on this publicly accessible land.

Why is this important?

-The project underway is short-sighted & irresponsible in its actions to purposely, abruptly destroy & remove valuable & irreplaceable wildlife habitat. Exemplified by the cutting of scores of 100 year old heritage trees thereby Permanently Destroying Existing Habitat & creating Fire Hazards by the dry slash left mounded on the ground.
-The broad spraying of Herbicides including Roundup & Garlon 4 is dangerous to the health of Humans, Pets, Wildlife, Land & Water.
-Lake Hodges is a Wildlife Refuge-a Natural Island amidst Urban Sprawl-the Concentration of Living Beasts Dependent on its existence is even greater now due to surrounding Habitats Lost to recent Fires & declining Habitat Vitality resulting from Ongoing Drought Conditions.