To: Andrew Lack, Chairman, NBC News and MSNBC


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Stop NBC News Chairman, Andrew Lack, from silencing the few remaining liberal voices in mainstream media! Mr. Lack is following the disturbing trend of other right-wing, pro-Trump broadcasting companies like, Sinclair Broadcast Group, who are swallowing up all the left-leaning air-time they can to advance the agenda of cruel conservatism.

Why is this important?

HELP! Andrew Lack, the new Chairman of NBC News and MSNBC is veering MSNBC to the hard-right, bringing on former Fox News TV hosts, Greta Von Susteren, Megyn Kelly (and rumors are that Hugh Hewitt will be given some sort of weekend talk show!) But that's not far enough for Mr. Lack. He wants to deprive liberals of the few remaining brave, intelligent and enlightened liberal voices left in mainstream media! Apparently, he hasn't renewed Lawrence O'Donnell's highly rated late-night program, THE LAST WORD, and it just has four weeks left before it could go off the air for good!!!!

According to a news article in the Huffington Post, "There is a fear, among some at MSNBC, that Lack is making programming decisions in an effort to appease the Trump administration (an accusation that has been made of CNN and Fox News), which may lead to more access to the White House and in turn, conservative viewers." Also mentioned in this same article, "According to three sources, Trump has pressured MSNBC President Phil Griffin to fire O’Donnell on multiple occasions. "

If you love JOY REID, RACHEL MADDOW, CHRIS HAYES AND LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, we, as viewers, must fight to keep them on the air and off of Andrew Lack's chopping block! Take to Twitter and Facebook and start your own SAVE, "THE LAST WORD" campaign. Call and write NBC News. Most importantly, keep watching THE LAST WORD with Lawrence O'Donnell!



Reasons for signing

  • Lawerance is the reason my family started watching. MSNBC .. THE LAST 3 yrs .
  • If he and Joan Walsh disappear, I will also.
  • Thank you for keeping Lawrence O'Donnell on the air. We need more voices like him on mainstream TV, especially in these crazy times. Oh, and I have this message for Lawrence: Keep up the Good Work!

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