To: Howard Milstein

Save Lincoln Plaza Cinemas

Dear Howard Milstein and Milstein Properties:
We are petitioning you to preserve Lincoln Plaza Cinemas as (1.) an art-house movie theater that will continue to show small, independent, and foreign films; (2.) remain accessible to its current clientele (many over age 65); and (3.) retain the Talbots and other staff. We understand that structural improvements might need to be made, but we do not want a mainstream multiplex chain nor a luxury "hipster" cinema here. Please consider the ages, needs, and income levels of the current clientele in your decisions. Thank you.

Why is this important?

Milstein Properties has denied a lease renewal to Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and claims to be renovating for a new theater, likely under new management. Lincoln Plaza will be forced to close in January. It is one of the last art-house cinemas left in New York City and has served a dedicated and passionate clientele since 1981. Most of the theater's customers are senior citizens on fixed incomes. Any new theater should continue the mission of Lincoln Plaza and its current operators, and cater to the New Yorkers who have kept Lincoln Plaza successful for decades.