To: United States Forest Service

Save McKenzie Bridge, Oregon

This petition seeks to set aside the Goose Project, a massive logging project proposed, planned and adopted by the United States Forest Service, along the banks of the McKenzie River in Oregon and adjacent to the community of McKenzie Bridge, until and unless the USFS agrees to an independent, non biased environmental impact statement and full input from residents of the community of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon.

Why is this important?

The United States Forest Service has planned a massive logging operation located within the community of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon, along the banks of the McKenzie River. They kept this project secret for two years to avoid interference from the community. Despite the fact that the project is located within a major watershed, involves critical habitat and the destruction of old growth stands of douglas fir, there was no environmental impact statement submitted. The USFS/ USDA instead prepared a wholly biased environmental assessment, which states that there is habitat at stake, including the spotted owl, however it is unlikely to cause the extinction of any species. It is largely based on rule of thumb, generalizations and past experiences unrelated to this location. The USFS considers the project a done deal and is going ahead despite the objections of many in the community. The residents would like this project stopped until an independent environmental impact statement can be prepared and shared with the public, offering adequate protections to habitat, the community and the all important McKensie River basin (from which the city of Eugene draws it's drinking water). Please see our website at: