To: The New York State House

Save Mount Manresa

Save Mount Manresa, a beautiful 10 acre tract of natural landscape on Staten Island possessing the original terminal morraine hillside formed during the last Ice Age and very rare tall old growth native trees such as Oak and Tulip Trees from destruction due to urban housing development. The goal is to preserve as soon as possible this spectacular land with fabulous views of New York Harbor as a park for current and future generations to enjoy.

Why is this important?

Beautiful Mount Manresa on Staten Island, is a 10 acre ecological treasure containing mostly original natural landscape unchanged for thousands of years. It is for sale and now in contract to be sold to housing developer in early June. The land was once part of an estate dating back to the 1600s and owned by the Jesuits as a retreat since 1911, being the oldest in America. The land retains the original Terminal Moraine ( hillside ) formed by a glacier during the last Ice Age 20,000 years ago and provides fabulous views of New York Harbor. Rare very old Oak and Tulip trees over a hundred feet tall and a unique old brick water tower from the nineteenth century are found on the property. The north side of the glacial hill contains a concentration of very old Oak and Tulip trees which have grown to great heights. At the base of this hill is beautiful grotto and valley. It is urgent that this petition be signed so this beautiful landscape be protected and preserved as a park for current and future generations can enjoy. The landscape is in great danger of being destroyed by the developer. Once it's gone it is gone forever. For more info, visit our website at


Reasons for signing

  • Please save the trees - we need them.
  • I urge you to protect this natural space because, creating more houses won't solve anything. It'll just give some rich jerk the pick and choose who can live there.
  • Please preserve this beautiful and special, meaningful and historic legacy for future generations and protect it from development!!!! Thank You