To: Phil Griffin, CEO of MSNBC

Save MSNBC's The Reid Report!

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Dear Phil Griffin,

It has come to the viewers of The Reid Report's attention that Joy Ann Reid's show is being cancelled. Joy has many followers who watch her daily as well as live tweet with her, the show and those who work on it. Joy doesn't just give opinion on her show, but delivers the news. Her show may have some opinion however it isn't just about that unlike some of your other shows.

Her hour is incredibly difficult and especially coming off of Ronan's show that doesn't have the viewership she does. We have checked her ratings compared to his and others on your networks and they are better than some. In our opinion she deserves a chance at a better hour or with a different lead in.

She not only has an incredible following on Twitter, as well as a Club Page that has almost 2k followers. For her birthday she had hundreds of people flood the MSNBC mail room with actual birthday cards. Many of my followers on Twitter are already expressing outrage as well as myself which is why we are ALL writing you!

People look to her for the news, for her knowledge and her personality. Also, leading into 2016, Joy is a wealth of knowledge. She lived in FL during Jeb Bush's years which means she will have insightful commentary during the primaries and sooner (since everyone is already talking about 2016).

Please please please don't cancel her show! We are pleading with you to keep Joy in the air. She deserves it and the viewers deserve it.

Thank you
Brandi Hudson

Why is this important?

Because Joy Reid's show deserves not to be cancelled. She is one of the best at MSNBC and they will lose a large viewership without her.