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To: Timothy E. Thwing, Director of Community Development + Zoning Committee

Save our Green Space, Sky and Light in Royal Oak Neighborhoods

Save our Green Space, Sky and Light in Royal Oak Neighborhoods

We the people vote to save the green spaces, open sky views in our neighborhood by saying "No" to the appeal of Jocelyn Robelli & Joshua Droppers of multiple variances (six) being requested for the property at 801 N. Alexander Ave.

The Zoning Rules are in place to protect the green spaces, the environment and to create a positive atmosphere for the citizens who call Royal Oak their home.

The Variances that are being requested are extremely excessive and will obstruct the sun and sky from surrounding homes. They will increase the amount of Impervious surfaces - creating a higher risk of flooding on our street.

We ask that city takes a stand for what is right for the people and the planet, and uphold the Zoning Codes in place.

Why is this important?

We have seen the de-forestation of Forest Avenue over the past several years.
I am a 22 year long resident on Forest Avenue.
We are losing our Canopy of trees.
Many of us moved here to this street specifically for the canopy of mature trees.
These trees not only add beauty and uplift our spirits, but they provide shade for our homes and yards that enable us to enjoy living in a neighborhood that values nature and supports a healthy environment.

If these variances which are extreme - are allowed - this sets the precident that others will follow.

The property of 801 N. Alexander is on the corner of Forest Avenue. The variances ask for waiving of 16.6 ft of the required 25 setback from Forest Ave. That is more than HALF the required setback they asking to be waived.

These are the remaining FIVE variances they are also asking the city to waive:
• 2 feet of the Maximum height of 30 feet,
• 5 feet of the minimum 35 feet setback on N. Alexander
• 3.4% (190 sq ft) of maximum allowable lot coverage of 10% for an accessory structure/garage
• 493 sq ft. of the maximum allowable total lot coverage of 1800 Sq. ft.
• 4 ft of the maximum allowable driveway width of 25 along Forest Ave.

This is pure greed, without any consideration of how this structure will impact those who live nearby, or the precident this sets for future homes. The builders who come into our city - don't value Trees, They don't value clean air, they only value money. They have been welcomed to come to our city, to our street and to kill our lovely trees, to obstruct our sunlight and to create a concrete community.

A beautiful one hundred plus year old pine was taken down from
801 N. Alexander and a second healthy mature tree destroyed from the property as well,
so that the builders maximixe the footprint of the structure and also the skyline.

This needs to stop.
Say No to the approval of these Variances.
Say Yes to preserving Green Spaces, Trees and Sunlight.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered In person at City Hall. Thursday, April 14 @ 7 pm



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100 signatures reached

2022-04-14 21:07:19 -0400

The city is corrupt.
They re-wrote the variances on the fly - AFTER the citizens presented,
then did not allow us to speak again
and voted EVERYTHING through.
Sorry people.
Thanks for those who showed up and spoke up for what is right.
The house is still going up, three floors the ONLY modification is a two car garage
rather than a three car garage.
Good night.

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