To: The Michigan State House, The Michigan State Senate, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Save our water: Protect the Great Lakes

Waste water from factory farms should be treated as factory waste. Waste from these operations has been shown to cause changes in the watershed in the areas where they are located. Stricter regulation is needed to protect the Great Lakes from damage.

Why is this important?

Large CAFO operations are increasing their presence throughout the state. These farms produce an enormous amount of waste, which has been shown to contain antibiotic resistant bacteria that leaves genetic material behind. The distribution of the animal waste has been shown to have a negative impact on local watersheds, and this has a potential to affect all of the Great Lakes.

Action is needed. These operations should have more stringent regulations, similar to any other industry, and should be classified as an industry, not as a farming operation.


Reasons for signing

  • We are what we eat and drink.
  • Good job Melissa!!!
  • tell Canada to keep their waste away from michigan. tell the queen to bathe in her own waste.