To: The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom

Save Quality Child Care in California!

Stop the proposed ADDITIONAL 10% cut to the Standard Reimbursement Rate for the highest quality child care centers in the California. We've given our fair share in the across-the-board cut. Why are the highest quality, most effective programs for school outcomes being singled out for AN ADDITIONAL 10% CUT OVER the 15%.

Why is this important?

Help save quality child care programs in California from being cut in the California State Budget. All child care programs in California have received a 15% across the board cut. But now, quality preschool and infant toddler centers that meet the highest quality standards are at risk of being cut by AN ADDITIONAL 10% CUT OVER the 15%. These centers will not be able to stay open if they are cut. We are calling upon the Legislature and Governor to stop high standard centers being singled out for an unfair ADDITIONAL CUT.