To: Sunnyvale city Council

Save Raynor

We the undersigned hereby request that the City of Sunnyvale genuinely reconsider the sale of the Raynor Activity Center (RAC) and under no conditions include use or part use of Raynor Park in such negotiations.
A decision to sell the Raynor activity Center should stand on its own merits, orthogonal to any other needs the city has. However in May 2012 Sunnyvale City Council voted to sell the Raynor Activity Center as opposed to the originally Council approved lease. They assured the public that the sale of the activity center would not include Raynor Park or the athletic fields at Raynor Park. But the current purchase offer includes a "Joint Use Agreement" which would give the buyer priority use of parts of Raynor Park for extended hours and approval for construction to remove existing park features. The joint-use agreement was not a part of the initial RFP.
This is by no means a Raynor-Birdland issue alone. Acting now will create awareness in the community and set a precedent for any future communities faced with a similar issue.
We, the undersigned, think that this agreement violates the spirit of the promise not to include Raynor Park in the sale of the activity center and urge city council to renegotiate the current purchase agreement so as to not include priority use of Raynor Park, or any part thereof, in the sale of the activity center.

Why is this important?

To help our public parks from being legally alienated from its residents.