To: William Farrow, CEO, Urban Partnership Bank, Leslie Hairston, 5th Ward Alderman, Natashia Holmes, 7th Ward Alderman, and Michelle Harris, 8th Ward Alderman

Save South Shore's Crossroads!

Urban Partnership Bank is leaving its historic buildings at 71st & Jeffery - South Shore's crossroads. We call on the bank, and South Shore's aldermen, to create an official 71st & Jeffery Chicago Landmark District anchored by these buildings, celebrating their rich architectural and cultural history. Honoring ShoreBank's legacy as a pioneering community development bank, we ask that the buildings be reused to incubate new businesses, leveraging existing density and transportation assets to drive economic development. Urban Partnership Bank must renew the trust and goodwill ShoreBank cultivated by seizing this opportunity to create a vibrant commercial district.

Please sign to call on Urban Partnership Bank and our aldermen to save South Shore's crossroads!

Why is this important?

Urban Partnership Bank owes us a high-quality redevelopment of their longtime home at 71st & Jeffery. The current proposal to build a strip mall would destroy the historic architecture, density, and transit orientation of our neighborhood crossroads to make a quick buck. Hold Urban Partnership Bank to a higher standard: demand a sensitive reuse of the buildings for economic development that maintains the future potential of 71st & Jeffery to be a vibrant, attractive commercial crossroads - think 53rd Street in Hyde Park or 95th Street in Beverly.