To: Victor Makrus, Property Manager, Giampaolo Boschetti, Landlord/Building Owner, Edwin Lee, San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, Supervisor, District 5, San Francisco, Ross Mirkarimi, Sheriff of San Francisco, Reverend Dr. Amos Brown, Tom A...

Save The African Outlet. Keep African Culture and Diversity Alive in Hayes Valley, San Francisco

By signing you are showing support for The African Outlet to remain at their iconic 20 year old landmark. We are of important service to our community and a testimony to the cultural diversity for which our city is known worldwide.

Why is this important?

The African Outlet is asking for a show of support from our cherished customer, aficionados, neighbors, interested passer-bys and community minded individuals.

Our rent has been increased prohibitively, with references from the realtor and landlord to further annual increases.

Over 25 years of our doing business and service, 20 of which has been at this address, many stores in the Bay Area representing African Culture have come and gone. The African Outlet remains a proud vessel of authentic, varied and unique items and ambiance from the continent of Africa. We provide services to schools, community groups and participate annually in cultural events. Our fine reputation is wide throughout the Bay Area and internationally.

It is with pride that we remain at this address, testimony to the cultural diversity for which this city is known. It is with passion that we need to stay at this address in close proximity to the communities to which we have a responsibility to continue serving.

More information and announcements please reference
You are most welcome to weigh in and keep track of our journey there.
Everyone is always welcome at The African Outlet!


Reasons for signing

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  • The african outlet has been vital to me during the last 30 years of my life here from Europe. I am in full support of the African Outlet staying open and vibrant!
  • I love this store. Its like a different world inside and like magic. My home enjoys artefacts I bought from its great owners and I was disturbed to see the store vacated today in Hayes Valley. I hope we can find a way to maintain the store either in its original location or somewhere else in SF. This city will loose its charm in proportion to its loss of such places.

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