To: Brett Anderson, City Council Member, Doug Anderson, City Council Member, Brigham Mellor, City Council Member, Cory Ritz, City Council Member, Rebecca Wayment, City Council Member, and Jim Talbot, Mayor

Save The Bangerter Family Farm In Farmington

We petition the Farmington City Council to work with UDOT to find another location for soccer fields to be relocated other than the Bangerter family farm located at 650 West and 500 South, in Farmington, Utah. We also petition the Farmington City Council to designate that farmland as protected under the Utah Agriculture Protection Act.

Why is this important?

The Bangerter family farm in Farmington, which provides fresh and local produce throughout northern Utah, is in jeopardy of being lost, in order for Farmington City to relocate soccer fields that are being paved over to put in a new highway. There are many other locations where soccer fields can be put, other than a producing farm. Farmington City should look elsewhere. Farmington City should also support the Bangerter family's petition to protect the farm under the Utah Agriculture Protection Act.


Reasons for signing

  • Local Utah farms are an integral part of our communities, physical and mental health, and education amongst many other things!
  • Save the Farm!
  • It would be a tragedy to pave over this farm. Please protect this farm

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