To: Thierry Bardou, Mayor, Lautrec

Save the Church of St. Martin de Dauzats

Save the church of St. Martin de Dauzats as part of the patrimoine, the cultural and spiritual heritage of southwestern France. We appeal to the leadership of Lautrec, a village with an official designation as one of the most beautiful in France, to respect its historic monuments and preserve this church as a public space. The world is watching.

Why is this important?

We live next door to this charming 150-year-old church in southwestern France and don't wish to see it lost forever as a piece of French "patrimoine"--the cultural and spiritual heritage of the south Tarn. Deconsecrated now, it could serve as a salle des expositions--exhibition space--or meeting hall. The Town Hall government is currently intending to see it off for transformation into a private home.


Reasons for signing

  • It is a big disgrace to destroy a religious and cultural heritage. Thank you to make sign or sign my own petition as well.. regarding another beautiful church: the Chapelle de La Meillade in Montpeyroux, and its marvels inside it, which church has even not been deconsacrated yet, but everything inside is being destroyed at the moment, thrown out, or given without any inventory !! Pure desecration, and illegally done! The FB page about the church, with pictures is there, to have an insight of...
  • Please preserve this lovely church as the designated public place it so deserves to be.
  • Sorry - a bit late to sign but hope church is saved by Poldark purchase and that beautiful violet blue of vaulted ceiling can be preserved - it's lovely