To: Springfield College

Save The Dance Program at Springfield College

The Springfield College Dance program is in jeopardy of being cut. If the arts or dance has ever meant anything to you help us out and join our fight!

Why is this important?

Dance is an expressive art form that allows individuals to express themselves, heal themselves and reflect on society. As a dance major at Springfield College, I am going to fight the threat to cut the dance program and in doing so I hope to save something that has literally saved my life.


Reasons for signing

  • I love the Springfield College Dancers and hope you reconsider the intertainment for us and enjoyment for the community, Also, the empowerment and fun for everyone who took part of this part of their lives as well as the community! Please, please do not take this away from us!
  • My daughter graduated from Springfield in 2007. The dance program was THE reason she chose this school.
  • I have always been impressed with the quality of dancing that the Sc Dance program has produced. Their students are great ambassadors of the college and are working in human helping fields to make our world a better place. It would be a sad day to see such a worthwhile program go away.

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