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Save the Delaware River from Fracking Toxins - A Petition for Artists and non-Artists ALIKE

Sign on to help raise awareness of the harmful effects of Fracking along the regions that feed the Delaware River. We are bringing together artists from all walks of life who live or use the Delaware as a main source of their artistic and natural vision. Our vision is to be a resource and warehouse of information.

Why is this important?

The Delaware River has been a dramatic and constant feature of the local landscape for "a thousand, thousand years". It has been the place of life for all of the Lenape Tribes, a focal point for our Country's development as a Democracy and a part of the scenic and recreational landscape of modern society - BRINGING BEAUTY, WONDER AND AWE INTO OUR LIVES.

With the drilling and fracturing of the shale flats in the river basin and environs we would be unleashing a massive force of disruption into the shale plates and introducing large quantities of undisclosed toxins into recreational and drinking water reserves - killing fish and wildlife, altering our natural beauty, destroying water that could be used for drinking, and opening a Pandora's Box of ills on future generations that will have no say in this type of energy development.

We have far too many clean energy options available to us that would maintain what is left of the pristine beauty and awe of this epic piece of our natural lives. UNITE and help to stop the madness before it is too late. WE HAVE GOT TO STOP USING FOSSIL FUELS - EMITTING CARBONS - AND START USING CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY LIKE WIND AND SOLAR.

Artists: Take the time to release pieces of your portfolios to the public that relay the deep and abiding connection between people and the land upon which we all stand. These critical chords of the sub-conscious sustain all people and we need to be reminded regularly. Nature prompts deep and abiding senses of awe, wonder, radical amazement and homeostasis.

Here is my first poem on the Delaware, written in 1995 from the footbridge in Lumberville, PA.


We are not here
long enough
to watch the river
change her shape.

But she does.

I have felt it.

We can see her swell
and dry, but we do
not get to see her
curl and cut and
grow old. She is an
old thing. She goes
back a thousand,
thousand years.

We cannot see all the
changes, but we can
feel them. They are
in there.

Won't you sign on to our petition today to let lawmakers know we are not taking the recklessness of Fracking lightly. PLEASE READ BILL MCKIBBEN'S ARTICLE ON THE MATH OF WHERE WE ARE IN THIS GLOBAL CATASTROPHE. THESE THREE NUMBERS WILL ASTOUND YOU AND HOPEFULLY AWAKEN THE MASSES.