To: Jon Jennings, City manager, Belinda Ray, Spencer Thibodeau, Ed Suslovic, Justin Costa, David Brenerman, Jill Duson, Jon Hinck, Nick Mavodones, and Ethan Strimling

Save the India Street Public Health Center

We call on our city councilors to oppose the proposed cuts to public health services and protect the India Street Health Center.

Why is this important?

My name is David Jon Timm and I have been a patient of Positive Health Care at India Street Public Health for 12 years.

Portland's proposed municipal budget calls for closing the India Street health clinic, which serves 1,000 patients a year, regardless of whether you have health insurance. Nowhere else in greater Portland can a person receive low-cost STD testing, free treatment for STDs, harm reduction education, clean needles and injecting equipment, and comprehensive HIV medical care.

I was diagnosed with HIV in February of 2004 by the doctors at India Street. By April of 2006 I was diagnosed with AIDS. I started medical treatment immediately and by October of 2006 the virus was undetectable and I have remained undetectable and extremely healthy for the past 10 years.

My experience with India Street has been nothing but stellar. Not only are the staff knowledgeable and highly educated in HIV care, they are a family to me and my relationship with them has been extraordinary. I can actually call my doctor and speak with her directly concerning any issues. Where can you get care like that?

My story is different than most patients who are treated at India Street. I consider myself a success story. I have private insurance, a job, and I'm a college graduate. My medical history and my ability to beat AIDS and manage HIV can only be associated with the knowledgeable, professional staff at India Street. I owe them my life!

Please sign this petition to keep India Street open.


Reasons for signing

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  • I have used these services because of my limited health insurance! I was happy to pay 50.00 for STD testing! It benefits more than Portland! Please
  • This is where I have gone for my care for 15+yrs. This is my Doctor. This Clinic is use by many people in Southern Maine. I pay taxes for many Cumberland County things that I do not use like Portland does... This is so important for so many people...I do not know what I can do...I need this for my care. I am too poor for Obama Care...Even have a letter that said so...