To: The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate, and Governor Tom Wolf

Save the Pennsylvania State Police

We demand that the Governor and state house and senate 1- Not cut state police manning at all. 2- Empower county Sheriffs with full police powers within their counties to help ease the burden on state police manning 3-Shift some state police duties to other agencies such as requiring the Sex Offender Assesment Board maintain registration and supervision of registered sex offenders freeing up state police troopers for the protection of citizens and patrol duties

Why is this important?

The Pennsylvania state police are the primary and often the sole law enforcement agency avalible to respond to many small communities and most rural areas of the state. Even then many residents must wait 30 minutes for a trooper to arrive at their location in an emergeny. In many areas small towns with only one officer must call for back up from state police. The protection of citizens is a basic government responsibility. Currently the state is propsing to cut the state police by 10% or fire 500 troopers. This will result in large areas of the state being unpoliced for long periods each day.