To: Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, Jane Kim, and SF Mayor Ed Lee

Save the SF Design Center

Stop the SFDC Historic Landmark status change. We need your help in preserving the San Francisco Design Center for the design community. The building owners have applied for Historic Landmark status in order to convert 500,000 square feet of PDR space into office space, AKA Tech Space. The only problem is the SFDC Showplace is 90% full of occupants.

Why is this important?

The design district in San Francisco is fighting to save our community and industry. Big tech has infiltrated our neighborhood and increased commercial rent by over 300%. The SFDC building owners want to push us out and displace an entire network of thriving businesses in order to capitalize on higher rents. We will lose good paying blue collar PDR jobs in San Francisco. The landmark status change will displace an entire ecosystem of women-owned and LGBT friendly businesses.