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To: The Wisconsin State House, The Wisconsin State Senate, and Governor Tony Evers

Save the Wisconsin Retirement System

Scott Walker: Keep your hands off the Wisconsin Retirement System!

Why is this important?

Scott Walker wants to radically alter the public employee pension system in Wisconsin (WRS). He will turn a 97% funded defined benefit system into a high risk defined contribution system, enabling his investment house buddies to cash in big while recipients lose the safety and security of one of the best retirement funds in the country!



2022-01-05 19:21:50 -0500

This is an FYI only, requiring no response. It's been a long time since I reached because the threat against the WRS has abated. You rose up in July 2015, and Scott Walker did not succeed in replacing the WRS's non-partisan governing board with political appointments. Five years later, the ETF reports we will get a raise and the System has never been stronger. A group called POWRS (Protect Our Wisconsin Retirement Security) is currently working on creating a similar system for the private sector. Baby Boomers are retiring at historic levels; many do not have enough savings to live a dignified retirement. We want them to have what we have. At our urging, Tony Evers convened a Task Force on Retiremen last year which came up with some recommendations. Due to Covid and Republican resistance, little has been done to avert this crisis. However, we are not giving up. If you want to join us our, email me. Otherwise, have a happy and prosperous 2022!