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To: President Vladimir Putin, President Joseph Biden

Save Ukraine

As opponents of the US war in Indochina and/or in Iraq and/or of both countries’ misadventures in Afghanistan, we urge you to bring peace to Ukraine without delay.

We are as angered by the extreme human cost of death and destruction because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as we were when the US was responsible for similarly illegal and immoral tragedy.

An enduring ceasefire and military withdrawal must lead to political compromise and mutually respectful relations with neighbors.

Why is this important?

Absent peace in Ukraine, our countries face escalating confrontation, with grievous additional harm to its population and great risk to the world.

Peace requires courageous mold breaking cooperation and reciprocity between Russia and the US in accord with the interests of the government and people of Ukraine.

Nuclear plants, humanitarian corridors and safe zones must be secured immediately by UN peace keepers.

Following a cease fire, President Putin must withdraw with dispatch all Russian forces from Ukraine.

President Biden can create an atmosphere for peace by declaring that the US does not support Ukraine’s membership in NATO and stationing of weapons with offensive potential.

Following the precedent of the global solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Biden should end the US embargo and other regime change actions in Cuba just as President Putin abandons such pressure and aspirations for Ukraine.

Russia should end its claim to the Donbas and the US should return the land of the Guantanamo base and prison to Cuba.

Secretary of State Blinken’s worthy sentiments apply as much to the US with Cuba and Venezuela as they do to Russia with Ukraine and Georgia: "the principle that one country can’t dictate to another the choices that its citizens would make about their future; the principle that we’re past the time of spheres of influence where one country subjugates its neighbors to its will.


The Mariupole Theater pictured above is reported to have sheltered at least 500 civilians and been visibly marked "children". It was attacked on the 54th anniversary of the My Lai Massacre. Local authorities say over 300 people died in the theater; 504 were killed in My Lai.


Additional background on the Ukraine-Cuba link is here

How it will be delivered

email to President Biden; mailed to President Putin c/o UN Mission of Russian Federation



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