To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Savings Social Security and Medicare

“To relieve the concerns of senior citizens who depend on medicare and social security, we propose that the cap be removed from payroll deductions and that the 7.65% continue to be deducted regardless of how much income one makes. It would solve the social security and medicare crisis, and sustain it for decades to come. The federal government should also not be allowed to invade this fund for other purposes.”

Why is this important?

Senior citizens are petrified that Social Security and Medicare will no longer continue to be funded. There's an easy answer - eliminate the ceiling on contributions. If the fear is that businesses will employ fewer people if the ceiling is raised, then leave the cap on employer contributions. Someone making $200,000 or greater won't miss the 7.65 percent, the government won't have any reason to raid the fund, and it will continue indefinitely.