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Say No to Bank of America in Hartford

Hartford City Council: Move our money. Don't bank with Bank of America, which is aggressively foreclosing on our communities.

Why is this important?

Bank of America has far more foreclosures pending against Hartford homeowners than any other bank because of their own bad business practices, and because other companies hire them to evict hard working families. They also makes a practice of foreclosing on homes in inner cities while preserving suburban homes. It is not right to let a company that is so aggressive and hostile to the people of Hartford continue to provide services. Hartford City Council will vote on Wednesday, February 13th to decide whether or not to renew the contract with Bank of America to provide the city's primary banking services.


Reasons for signing

  • Dump the big banks. Put your money into your local credit union.
  • It took them nearly 4 years to give me a loan mod. But all they did was give me a 40 year loan with the same terms, thereby lowering my payment?
  • Just Say "NO" :( :( :(