To: Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Chief Executive Officer Chicago Public Schools, The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and Governor J.B. Pritzker

Say no to charter high school at Grand and Long Avenues in Chicago.

My daughter is a freshmen at Prosser High School in Chicago. There is a charter high school planned that will open right across the street from Prosser. Having two high schools kitty corner from each other is a receipt for disaster. I have no problems with charter schools but the placement of this school could lead to unnecessary violence in a city that is all to violent as it is now.

Why is this important?

Chicago is a city that is turning more violent by the day. Adults need to use common sense so as not to needlessly endanger children. Having two different high schools so close together will cause a friction that does not need to be there. This whole situation could be defused by moving the site of the charter school by a few city blocks.