To: The North Carolina State House and Governor Roy Cooper

Say NO to North Carolina SB 174

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North Carolina SB 174 seeks to unfairly end the process of “fast track” decisions regarding the reinstatement of disability benefits of injured workers (Form 23 Hearings) and access to medical care (ending the right to a hearing on an Expedited Medical Motion). Without these provisions, North Carolina will go back to a system that delays the ability of an injured worker to have basic life necessities and delays access to medical care that would allow the injured worker to get to health and get back to work. This is unjust and unfair and we, the undersigned, ask that you vote NO on SB 174.

Why is this important?

North Carolina SB 174 seeks to take away "fast track" rights of injured workers when a disagreement arises about reinstatement of disability benefits and access to medical care. Without having a means for a quick decision to reinstate benefits, workers will go for months without the ability to purchase basic needs (food, shelter). Without having access to a quick decision when a dispute arises about medical care, an injured worker will go months, potentially years, without the care necessary to return to health and return to work.