To: Governor Gavin Newsom

SB9-Ending life sentences for Juveniles

"Put an END to life sentences for Juveniles in the state of California!"

Why is this important?

SB9 is a Bill that questions whether or not Juveniles should be given life sentences. I have a younger brother who was sentenced to life in prison at age 16, for a crime he was persuaded to be a part of by an ADULT. This very adult turned "states evidence" against my little brother, and got completely off, while my brother got life in prison. To me, a life sentence is very much life a death sentence. This incident was my brothers 1ST and ONLY involvement in any crime in his young life, but the rest of his life was taken away from him with no opportunity to learn his lesson and rejoin society to prove his rehabilitation. In all the history of judgments passed down on criminals, we have seen MANY GROWN MEN with extensive criminal history, who have even committed MURDER get released by into society....why shouldn't a CHILD be afforded the same opportunities in life?