To: Assem Michaelle Solages, TOH, NC, Leg Carrie Solages, and Todd Kaminsky (NY-9)

School zone safety an emergency for Elmont Memorial High school students

Make the streets safer for the students of Elmont Memorial High School by making it a safe driving school zone.

Why is this important?

Too many accidents have caused students to be unsafe by speeding drivers as well as insufficient signage and unsafe traffic pattern that have resulted in serious injuries as well as fatalities. Our children deserve to be safe when walking to school and walking home from school. We are demanding the school area of Dutch Broadway and Elmont Road to be designated as a school zone with all the proper traffic signage, changing the traffic pattern during school hours and greater driver accountability by law.


Reasons for signing

  • So necessary. Thx for the undertaking..
  • We just has another terrible accident in the nearby the elementary school.
  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to protect children.