To: Governor Tony Evers

Governor Walker: How Dare You

Do not jam attacks on Wisconsin unions into the state budget. Your budget already hurts our communities by gutting education, slashing funding for health care and limiting public services. Do not make it worse by incorporating attacks on our workers and middle class.

Why is this important?

Urgent: Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Republicans are calling an “extraordinary session” of the legislature, beginning Tuesday, June 14.

By this Friday, they're expected to use this session to slash our education, health care and support systems, and jam through rights-stripping attacks on Wisconsin workers.

The people of Wisconsin have stood together for over 100 days in a historic response to the unprecedented assault on the working and middle classes. Wisconsinites have rallied, marched and even set up tent cities to call attention to Gov. Walker’s devastating budget proposals and to stop the attacks on working people. But even with recalls of anti-worker legislators looming, the attacks continue.

Even if we don't stop Walker and his friends in the legislature, we need to continue to make sure the governor, the legislature, and the media understand that the people of Wisconsin don't support their radical agenda.