To: The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and Governor J.B. Pritzker

Seal Felony Convictions 7yrs Or Older

It is important to seal background checks on felony convictions older then 7yrs old because with the condition of the economy the average person with a clean background is having a hard time finding employment. This allows companies to discrminate against people even if they qualify for the position in which they applied, 7yrs clean from probation or parole shows rehabilitation & it shows he/she is dedicated to having their life on the right track. One should not be penalized for the rest of their life for making a mistake. Businesses has used this as a very indirect way of discrimination and it's time for us to attempt to do something about it instead of just waiting for it to happen. So please support and sign this petition and post it on the pages of yor fb friends and let's try to make a difference.

Why is this important?

The State Of Illinois is losing a lot of tax dollars because people with felonies older then 7yrs old are unemployed because of a mistake they made. The best thing Illinois can do is pass a law to not go past 7yrs on a background check, more people will be employed and the state will collect more taxes. It's a win win situation. We are asking Governor Quinn to make this happen.