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  • Free Marissa Alexander
    Pardon Marissa Alexander who fired two warning shots to scare off a partner whom she said threatened to kill her and her two children, The partner had a record of domestic violence.
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    Created by diane swift
  • Free Marissa Alexander!
    If Zimmerman is walking free, so should she! No one died in her case.
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    Created by Patrice Benjamin
  • Free - Marissa Alexander!
    President Obama please use your Executive Power to PARDON - Marissa Alexander! ***********************
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    Created by Ernest Simons
  • Free Marissa Alexander
    Dear Governor Scott, We are writing to you and urging you to exonerate Marissa Alexander under the Stand Your Ground Law. Marissa is a mother of three who was protecting herself and her children from her abusive husband who threaten her life. She did not kill her husband or hurt anyone, when she fired a warning shot in her kitchen ceiling to keep her abusive husband with a violent history to keep from beating her. It is not fair that some are granted protection under the Stand Your Ground Law and others are not. Please let justice prevail and exonerate Marisa Alexander. Sincerely,
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    Created by Alysha Riley
  • Marissa Alexander, An American Injustice
    Commute Ms. Alexander's sentence to a lesser charge. The punishment does not fit the crime.
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    Created by James
  • A Full Pardon for Marissa Alexander
    We call for a full pardon for Marissa Alexander now!
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    Created by Thomas Vicari
  • End the Injustice to Marissa Alexander
    Free Marissa Alexander from a 20 yr. unjust prison sentence for only firing a WARNING SHOT at her attacker. Give HER the same right so many truly questionable shooters (and outright KILLERS) have enjoyed in "Stand Your Ground" Florida!
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    Created by Janet Garnett
    Overturn Marissa Alexander's unjust, unreasonable, insane 20 year prison sentence for her "crime" of self-defense. Release and drop the charges in their entirety against this non-criminal, non-violent victimized mother immediately.
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    Created by Janet Garnett
  • Release Marissa Alexander immediately
    Free Marissa Alexander for protecting herself from an abusive husband by firing a warning shot!
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    Created by Shanita Logan
    There is a travesty of justice in the state of Florida: the case of Marissa Alexander. Marissa Alexander is a mother and college graduate with a master's degree, and she had no prior criminal record. In fear of her abusive husband, this Florida mom shot a warning shot. No one was injured, but she got 20 years in prison. We, the people of these United States of America, ask the governor of Florida to review the case of Marissa Alexander and pardon her from this blatant miscarriage of justice.
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    Created by Michael Garcia
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