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  • Dibels testing
    I am a parent of a Jefferson parish public school student in 3rd grade. I just recently learned that a test (dibels) that is given only 3 times a year will determine if a child passes or fails the entire school year. This test only determines how fast a child can read in one minute, not at all what they comprehend while reading. Some children need to read slower to comprehend what they are reading. Even I an adult need to take my time reading to comprehend, if you time me to read as fast as I can I will need to reread it to actually comprehend what was read. There has been absolutely no communication about this test being a determining factor whether they pass or fail. I have also heard from other parents that children with 504 plans and those in special ed received no accommodations for this test. This test should be done to get the children help throughout the school year not at the end of the year going into summer. I as well as many people are upset about this test holding back their children even though they were an A,B,C student the whole school year. My child for example is at a top rated school and has had passing grades from Kindergarten through this year in all subjects. The lack of communication is also very disappointing. Many of us are just finding out this summer literacy camp will be a requirement for our children to progress to the next grade just 2 weeks before it starts. There are many people who have summer camp and vacations planned and paid for that cannot be refunded. I am asking that this test does not determine if a child passes or fails and that their grades that they have worked very hard on all year long does. I am asking this for this school year and future school years. I pulled this from an article on “But while teachers, administrators, and researchers praise the tests for their ease of use and reliability in predicting which children may have reading difficulties later, the use of DIBELS has drawn criticism from some in the field. Critics cite the tendency of some educators to teach to the tests or give the measures too much weight in gauging reading ability, as well as the often-aggressive promotion of DIBELS by federal employees and consultants to the Reading First program. “If you want a test of whether kids can read fast with low comprehension, then DIBELS is great,” said G. Michael Pressley, a professor of education at Michigan State University in East Lansing and a former editor of the Journal of Educational Psychology. “It is not as well developed as the claims that are being made.””
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    Created by Brooklyn Adams
  • Israeli PM Netanyahu should not be given a platform in front of Congress
    Extending Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an invitation to address Congress as he wages a brutal war in Gaza betrays our values and would undermine efforts to secure a ceasefire. I urge you to refuse PM Netanyahu this prestigious platform.
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    Created by Win Without War Picture
  • Make Fourth Ave DEAVRY AVE 💙💚❤️
    Hi I’m DeaShea Green mother of DeAvry Amir Thomas who was killed in a drive by shooting May 29,2022 in the downtown area of Pittsburgh at approximately 2:45 P.M. in the afternoon. I’ve been on this this thing on getting this street named after him cause of the tragic incident, the pain and hurt it caused me and I would honestly feel better if my son had a bigger remembrance because he was only 1 he had a full life a head of him and when everybody search his name I want them to know the city is with me and was with him. Thank you 
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    Created by DeaShea Green
  • Warren Position Petition
    As someone who has upheld 4 positions during my senior year, I would say this is extremely disheartening for those who are attending Warren this next year. I’ve managed my time wisely, made great grades, and stepped up for these positions with all my efforts. I believe that this needs to be addressed so that students at Warren will not have to “quit” their positions in order to uphold another one. These students who hold these positions are extremely dedicated and work hard for their organizations. I first hand can say that the majority of the people who are upset about this issue is because they know they can hold the positions and do an amazing job at it. Again, at this point in time, I am very upset about the new rule. 
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    Created by Gracie Hindmon
  • Let park rangers march in Pride parades!
    The National Park Service just announced to 20,000 of its employees that it will not allow rangers to march in non-NPS Pride parades in their official uniforms.  Our national parks should make it clear that they are open to all! Sign the petition to demand NPS support their LGBTQ+ employees and visitors, and reverse this bigoted, anti-LGBTQ policy! 
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  • Frank Brown Pickleball Courts
    Mayor, City Council We are writing to formally request the construction of pickleball courts at Frank Brown Park. Pickleball has experienced unprecedented growth, becoming the fastest-growing sport in the United States for the past three years. With 36.5 million players and a remarkable 223.5% growth over the last three years, the sport shows no signs of slowing down, boasting a projected growth rate of 7.7% through 2028. Frank Brown Park is a beloved community hub that provides diverse recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. However, the current lack of pickleball courts is a significant oversight given the sport's popularity. Constructing pickleball courts would not only cater to the growing community of pickleball enthusiasts but also attract tournaments and events that can bring economic benefits to our area. The sport’s popularity spans all age groups, promoting physical fitness, social interaction, and a sense of community. As more people discover the joys of pickleball, having adequate facilities becomes crucial to accommodate both casual players and competitive athletes. We urge you to consider this request seriously and invest in the future of our community by constructing pickleball facilities at Frank Brown Park. Your support will contribute to enhancing the quality of life for our residents and maintaining our park’s reputation as a premier recreational destination. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, PCB Pickleball Community
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    Created by Sunsets and Dinks Picture
  • Basketball Court Lights & Maintenance In Buenaventura Lakes Osceola County!
    As a kid, I grew up going to parks, and now as an adult and a father, I love going to the park to play basketball with my son, his friends, and meet some great people. It's a way to escape anxiety, stress, and enjoy the sport. Unfortunately, many basketball courts in Buenavenutra Lakes, Osceola County have no lights and need maintenance. The floors are cracked causing injuries; rims are bent; nets are broken or missing. Adding solar-powered lights can solve the electricity bill issue or adding self timered lights, where we press a botton to keep lights on while playing, while providing safe playing conditions at night. Let's give our community's basketball courts some much-needed love so everyone can continue enjoying this wonderful sport safely. Please sign this petition to support fixing up our local courts and adding Lights!
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    Created by Eric Gonzalez Picture
  • A.M.A.R.I 💚🧸🪽
    Good Afternoon! My name is Marisa Gonzales, I am from a small town in Otero County. Saturday we were met with an unfortunate situation. A 3 year old child by the name of Amari Galan, with special needs Autism managed to escape from his home in the early hours of the morning, and it went into a 2 day search which ended in tragedy. He fell into the canal, and was found around 5pm yesterday. Of course his family is in shambles. I write to you today in hopes of trying to conduct an alert system in his name so this tragedy isn’t in vain. We have noticed that there are amber alerts, and code Adam’s, but none for special needs children.  Members of our community have came up with an acronym in honor of his name AMARI Autistic Medical Alert Response Initiative For all like Amari, children and adults alike. 49% of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) have attempted to elope at least once after age 4. Of those who went missing, 24% were in danger of drowning, and 65% were in danger of traffic injury. Elopement risk is associated with autism severity, increasing, on average, 9% for every 10-point increase in Social Responsiveness Scale T score. As a member of this community, and 1 of millions of proud autism parents, I really hope to get this story heard, and we as a community wish to get this going if possible!  I encourage you to sign this petition, and get this passed!  Please keep his loved ones in your continued thoughts & prayers 🙏🏽💚🧸🪽 Sincerely, Marisa Gonzales 
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    Created by Marì Gonzales Picture
  • Ziegler Must Immediately Resign or Be Removed from the Sarasota School Board by Gov. DeSantis
    Deeply disturbing newly revealed police report information suggests deliberate involvement in sexual “prowling” by Sarasota School Board member Bridget Ziegler.  Previously the public was led to believe that Ms. Ziegler did not have a hand in orchestrating her husband’s inappropriate and possibly criminal sexual misconduct.  Sarasota Police Det. Cox’s report quoted in the May 16th Florida Trident, paints a very different picture stating “There were numerous text messages between Bridget and Christian where they are on the prowl for a female and Bridget is directing him to numerous different bars in search of a female that they are both interested in…During these conversations Christian is secretly taking photographs of women in the bars and sending them to Bridget asking her if she wants this one or that one. Bridget is telling him to pretend to take pictures of his beer, so they don’t see him taking pictures of them.”  Such behavior is highly unethical.  Last December four school board members signed a non-binding resolution calling for Ms. Ziegler to resign which she did not. This time it is imperative that the Sarasota School Board and our state and local officials not only demand her immediate resignation but they must write to Governor DeSantis insisting on her removal; her behavior demonstrates malfeasance, “intentional conduct that is wrongful or unlawful, especially by officials or public employees.” Malfeasance is grounds for removal from office in Florida.  Ms. Ziegler engaged in intentional,  wrongful behavior while an elected official and public employee. It is particularly egregious for an elected official who is involved with the education, well-being and safety of our youth. 
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    Created by Robin Williams
  • Tell Pres. Biden: Reaffirm the right to protest now!
    I urge you to reaffirm the fundamental right to protest without the threat of a military crackdown.
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    Created by Win Without War Picture
  • Investigate Horrendous Reports of Torture at Israeli Detention Centers!
    Israeli whistleblowers have sounded the alarm on disturbing reports of torture against Palestinians occuring at military bases in Israel. The workers shared stories of physical abuse and punishment, including forcing detainees to wear blindfolds and diapers, strapping them on beds, and keeping them in constant handcuffs and restraints and then subjecting them to botched amputations, leading to complications and even death.  Torture is in violation of both Israeli law and the Geneva Conventions. Demand the State Department, the United Nations, and the  International Criminal Court investigate reports of torture in Sde Teiman!
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  • Petition for Responsible Management of the Steve Miller-James Miller Estate
    As heirs of the Steve Miller-James Miller Estate, we are compelled to address and rectify the significant mismanagement under the unauthorized governance of James “Carter” Miller. There is substantial evidence that James has been unlawfully collecting taxes on behalf of the Miller families, appointing himself as executor without legal or familial consent, and mishandling estate finances. Documents provided include proof of current and past tax payments to a fictitious account named "Steve Miller Estate," with this year’s taxes paid by an unrelated individual. Additionally, it has come to our attention that numerous leases, including at least two covering substantial acreage, lack transparent financial documentation, and the income from these leases has not been used to cover any of the previous years taxes. This financial mismanagement calls for immediate action to safeguard the estate and its beneficiaries.
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    Created by Amanda Carpenter