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  • Cancel all medical debt!
    The Biden administration can cancel medical debt burdening everyday Americans. But with mounting opposition from the GOP, they need to know that voters have had enough with our predatory medical system that preys on people when they need care the most. Sign the petition to demand the Biden administration cancel medical debt immediately, reform predatory medical debt policies and practices, and work with Congress to build a pathway for health care for all.
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  • Game Day Parking- ODU STUDENTS
    As ODU students— those who are on campus and commuters, we deserve to be able to be priority for parking. We are paying for daily, monthly, weekly, and semester passes in order to keep our cars from getting ticketed and towed. However, it’s not fair that we have to move our cars to make room for campus visitors during home game days. We as students already have limited parking access that puts our vehicles at risk by the city of Norfolk and Old Dominion itself. As a fellow student, I ask that some arrangements be made to better accommodate those who attend Old Dominion University. We, as young adults, do not have the extra funds to constantly pay $100 citations on top of parking passes. Some students do not have family to help with these financial difficulties, making it a burden on us when we are presented with such a situation. There is available parking by Rogers, Whitehurst/Powhatan that could be used on game days instead of the parking garages where students can park without violation. With these closed off, it makes it more inconvenient for the students than it does the visitors that will only be on the campus for a few hours at a time.
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    Created by Shamaria Dedrick
  • Make polluters pay: Sue Big Oil to hold them accountable for their climate crimes NOW!
    Big Oil has known for decades that their pollution was harming human health and leading to catastrophic climate change. But instead of warning the public, they embarked on a massive disinformation campaign, spending billions of dollars to spread climate denial and block any attempts to address the crisis. Now, our communities are paying the price.
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  • Virgin Gorda Water Woes
    Discussion with Virgin Gorda Community to work towards finding solutions for our water woes.
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    Created by Sharon FlaxBrutus
  • Congress: Don’t throw our kids off the childcare cliff!
    More than 3.2 million children are at risk of losing their spots in childcare programs when federal stabilization funding expires on September 30th. This funding has been a lifeline for countless families, helping them access quality childcare while allowing parents to work and support their households. However, the looming expiration of this funding presents a dire threat. If Congress does not take immediate action, we could witness the closure of 70,000 childcare centers, leaving parents in impossible situations as they try to balance work and caring for their children. We call on Congress to take urgent action by passing the Child Care Stabilization Act immediately. Authorize $16 billion per year in emergency funding to save the childcare sector and prevent this impending crisis from devastating families across the nation.
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    Created by Allison Johnson
  • Demand Calhoun County Board of Supervisors Public Meeting
    Listen up Calhoun County, Iowa! Our Board of Supervisors are not acting in our best interest. In Twin Lakes, they have filed a lawsuit to take the shoreline of 31 residents' shorelines for public access. Homeowners can show proof dating back to 1855 that they have ownership. After 5 -years of trying to compromise and communicate directly with the Board of Supervisors with no avail, it is time we take action! They have utilized over $67K of taxpayer money to hire lawyers to claim that our land that we purchased isn't our land, and they are still going. These funds could be crucial in improving Calhoun County state parks and roads. JOIN US in demanding a public meeting to discuss their intentions, misuse of our tax dollars and what their intentions are.
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    Created by Todd Essing
  • Formally Request Ozark City Council to Censure Mayor Mark Blankenship
    On August 25th, Mayor Mark Blankenship posted on his personal Facebook page a call to defund the Ozark-Dale County Public Library if the library did not comply with his request to move LGBTQ books from the Young Adult section of the library, a request that circumvented established library procedure. Following the release of the mayor's text messages, legally obtained via a Freedom of Information Act Request, in which he threatened library personnel and Board and lied about the extent to which the Ozark City Council was aware and supportive of his plans, Mr. Blankenship began harassing and personally attacking private citizens over Facebook and blocking certain citizens that disagreed with him from viewing or commenting on his personal page, in violation of their First Amendment rights to engage in a public forum. The responsibility to censure Mr. Blankenship lies solely with the Ozark City Council. Mayor Blankenship has acted with malice and forethought when he lied to and verbally assaulted Ozark citizens in the following three acts of unstatesmanlike behavior: 1. Repeatedly with apparent forethought and with no reconciliation, lied to library staff about the Council's awareness and support for his plan to defund the library. 2. Repeatedly with apparent forethought and with no reconciliation, made personal attacks against private citizens who criticized his policies and behavior, which include threats, insults, harassing public Facebook posts, and blocking citizens on social media in violation of their First Amendment right to engage in public forum. 3. Malfeasance in his willful ignorance of the status and compulsory availability of public officials and their communications as a matter of public record. We the People, Dale County, ask that the Ozark City Council formally censure Mr. Blankenship for his unstatesmanlike behavior. Upon being inaugurated as mayor, Mr. Blankenship swore an oath to support the Constitution of the United States of American and the Constitution of Alabama. We, as citizens of Ozark, expect him to honor that oath.
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    Created by We the People Dale County
  • Drop the baseless impeachment stunt and do your job!
    After months of investigations, Republicans in Congress have failed to find any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden, but still insist on ramming through the impeachment process. Americans deserve elected officials who are committed to coming to the table in good faith and finding solutions to improve their lives, not corrupt politicians wasting resources on self-interested political stunts. Tell Republicans to drop their baseless impeachment efforts and do their jobs!
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  • Justice for Jaahnavi Kandula!
    Jaahnavi Kandula, a 23 yr old student doing her Masters in Seattle, was hit and killed by a Seattle police officer. While the incident may or may not be an unfortunate accident (which needs to be investigated too), it is the behavior and reckless comments that followed by officers in responsible position that is totally UNACCEPTABLE. The Indian community in the entire country and world demand justice for Jaahnavi Kandula, and is asking for the officers to be held accountable. Not only was she mowed down like nothing, but the conversation of the officers after the event are utterly disgraceful and a shame to humanity. We demand that those officers be discharged from their duties, with no pension, and this incident be treated as manslaughter, and prosecuted. The officer in action, and the supervisor both, need to be investigated. Jaahnavi was NOT NOTHING. She has a family in India, a mother waiting for her daughter to come back home for Diwali or Christmas. Her mother, an elementary teacher, who took upon huge financial debts to send her daughter to the USA in hope of a better life: To a land that she thought is the land of opportunity, and the greatest country in the world! Let us confirm the greatness of our country, and prove that we still practice "liberty and justice for all"! Action needs to be taken. The disgraceful officers need to he held accountable for their racist, dehumanised and unethical remarks and conduct.
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    Created by Dr. Glory Janes
  • Drop Your Anti-Union Trademark Lawsuit!
    Trader Joe’s corporate is currently taking alarming actions against Trader Joe’s United—our labor union that represents the workers who make Trade Joe's a great place to shop. Corporate is threatening to sue us for trademark infringement. Sign the petition NOW to demand that the Trader Joe’s CEO cease union-busting tactics and drop the lawsuit!
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    Created by Trader Joe's United
  • Changes to accommodate atypical children
    There needs to be an alternative options for children in the Luzerne County Head Start Program. As of September 12,2023 when speaking with the nutrition specialist for the center it was brought to my attention that there were no options other than what is on their menu. Packed lunches are not allowed. No food or drink from home. No changes can be made to the menu unless a child has food allergy or religious reasons
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    Created by Jillian Hines
  • It's Time to Deal with Supreme Court Corruption
    Supreme Court corruption is out of control. Conservative justices have accepted undisclosed gifts from billionaires with business before the court. Dark money groups are exerting influence over a Trump-packed court. And there is no enforceable code of ethics to deal with conflicts of interest or provide transparency. It's time for the Senate's Democratic leadership to hold hearings investigating the illegal and unethical conduct of Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito as well as other forms of corruption and conflict in the court. This must include subpoenas for right-wing megadonor Harlan Crow, sweeping investigations, and a vote on the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act (SCERT), which would require the Supreme Court to adopt and abide by a code of conduct.
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