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  • Edwardsville High School Safety Measures
    To: Dr. Henderson and the District 7 School Board. We write as concerned parents and ECUSD7 citizens. We urge the school district to consider more stringent safety measures before sending our teachers, staff and students back to Edwardsville High School. We appreciate that you have given the option to parents for remote learning; however, only those with economic means can take advantage of that opportunity -- essentially creating a two-tier learning system that allows mostly wealthier parents to fully protect their children. This is unfair and perpetuates just the kind of inequalities the school system exists to disrupt. Additionally, the amount of in-person learning creates more risk for our entire community as data shows that adolescents are just as likely to spread COVID19 as adults. In bringing 2000 high school students on campus daily, the District is taking a great risk. So that all EHS staff, children, and community members are better protected from the risk of COVID19 transmission, we ask you: A) to reduce face-to-face learning, placing students on a 2-day per week in-person and 3-day remote synchronous schedule – giving teachers a more manageable remote teaching schedule and reducing the risk of transmission by half. B) to provide financial resources for internet access so that families without means can ensure the success of their children. Recently, the governor was in our area and stressed that our COVID numbers are rising. Please: for the safety of our entire community, we ask you to think of a safer learning environment that would benefit ALL children, EHS staff, and our community.
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    Created by Linda Markowitz
  • School Safety
    All Middle Schools and High Schools need metal detectors. No one should be able to bring a gun or other weapons into a school. If you care about our children's safety please sign this petition.
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    Created by kim malkin
  • school safety
    More safety and security in all public schools in Florida.
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    Created by Alexandra Rodriguez
  • School zone safety an emergency for Elmont Memorial High school students
    Make the streets safer for the students of Elmont Memorial High School by making it a safe driving school zone.
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    Created by Mimi Pierre Johnson
  • Increase Security Measures in Orange Schools
    Increase the safety and security of the Orange schools.
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    Created by Parents of Orange
  • Safety in our schools
    As a country, we have been through this too many times! Mass shootings have terrified and grieved us over the past three decades, this year has been the worst by far. With more than 140 casualties (injuries and deaths), the toll from mass shootings in 2012 has been nearly twice that of any other year. And that isn't even counting other shootings that have captured national attention, such as the attack in a Portland-area mall this past weekend or the gunfire at a suburban Cleveland high school in the spring. The FBI defines a mass shooting as one in which at least four people are killed, not including the gunman, so those incidents don't count in the statistics. It can be difficult to get a sense of the scope of mass gun violence when we look at individual tragedies--especially when, as now, it is so hard to get past the heart-stopping thought of all those children and all those families. So let's look at the facts, gun control is not the total answer. We need our children to feel safe going back to school. We need to put police in every school! An officer in the school could possibly have stopped the shooter and saved some lives!
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    Created by Maria Comiskey
  • Melrose High Hopes Neighborhood Safety
    Please join us in petitioning our Oakland City Councilmembers to provide basic services to help make our neighborhood safe
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    Created by Barbara McKenna
  • Meadowdale High School
    Keep Meadowdale High School Open.
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    Created by TYRELL CREEK
  • High School Reform
    Help start a national conversation about reforming high school to make it less stressful by allowing kids to extend the time they take to complete the curriculum.
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    Created by Eben Shapiro
  • Rename John Muir High School “Robinson High School”
    Name this Pasadena California high school after the two accomplished and recognized Black male athletes who were students at this school rather than after the man who — though clearly a great naturalist — has no personal connection to/with Pasadena and/or this particular high school
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    Created by Robin Schlinger
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