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  • Pay Women Athletes What They Deserve! Increase the Payout for Women Basketball Players
    Increase the payout for women basketball players! Women athletes are winning and breaking ratings records. It's time to recognize their hard work and talent on and off the court. Tell the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to increase the payout for women basketball teams and finally address longstanding gender inequities in the sport!
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  • Expand the Child Tax Credit NOW!
    Congress must take action immediately to expand the Child Tax Credit to lift millions of children out of poverty and make life easier for working-class families struggling with increased costs of living.
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  • Stop wasting time and pass emergency funding for Baltimore bridge repair NOW!
    Families, loved ones, and community members are dealing with the horrible aftermath of the Baltimore Bridge collapse that occurred just weeks ago when a cargo ship lost power and collided with one of the beam supports, tragically killing six Latino immigrant construction workers. President Biden has already expressed support for the federal government paying to reconstruct the bridge, and the Department of Transportation announced some initial emergency relief funds for the Maryland Department of Transportation—but it’s not enough. Already Republicans in Congress are refusing to provide any further support. Sign the petition to demand Congress step up in this catastrophe and pass funding NOW to quickly repair the bridge and reopen the Port of Baltimore.
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    Created by AFT Union
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals: Stop price-gouging and cap your inhalers at $35 NOW!
    400 of the 24.5 million Americans with asthma and 16 million with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) die every single day. It’s outrageous that many Americans who rely on inhalers to help them breathe have had to pay up to $600 a month for their lifesaving inhalers. But now, three out of four of the major inhaler manufacturers have said they’d cap out-of-pocket costs for inhalers at $35, except for Teva Pharmaceuticals, which is still charging Americans $286 for one of its lifesaving inhalers that cost just $9 in Germany. In 2023 alone, Teva generated $15.8 BILLION in revenue. This is corporate greed, plain and simple. Enough! If we come together now, we can stop Teva from putting profits over people. Will you sign the petition to demand that Teva NOT price-gouge life-saving inhalers and cap prices at $35 NOW?
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  • Vertol Systems: STOP profiting off of deceived migrants and stop the inhumane flights NOW!
    Ron DeSantis used over $600,000 in taxpayer dollars to lure 50 Venezuelan asylum-seekers onto a flight to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The stories from the Venezuelan immigrants are both heartbreaking and enraging. When they arrived, many asked, “Where am I?” They were intentionally deceived and were put on a plane with nothing but a fake brochure that said they would be given benefits like eight months cash assistance, housing, food, clothing, expedited work papers, jobs, and assistance registering their children for school. But it was all a lie. It’s absolutely inhumane. It turns out that the state of Florida paid Vertol Systems, a company known to back DeSantis allies, $1.5 MILLION in taxpayer dollars to carry out this flight and future flights. We cannot allow these flights to continue and must come together to stop them. Will you sign the petition to demand that Vertol Systems STOP carrying out these flights NOW?
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  • Pass the Ultra-Millionaire Tax NOW!
    Americans paid more than $2.8 TRILLION in income tax last year. Our outdated tax system only looks at income and doesn’t tax wealth—meaning the ultra-rich are paying a lot less than everyday families. Enough! It’s time to fix our broken system and make sure that the ultra-rich are paying what they owe, like the rest of us. Tell Congress to pass the Ultra Millionaire Tax Act NOW!
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  • Demand term limits for Supreme Court justices
    Our Supreme Court is facing a crisis of accountability and legitimacy that threatens the very foundation of our democracy. In recent years, the Court has been plagued by a series of ethics scandals, revealing a system in which justices wield tremendous power for decades with little oversight. It's clear that the current system is broken and no longer serves the best interests of the American people. It's time to take action and demand term limits for Supreme Court justices. One of the most critical reforms we can enact is to limit the terms of Supreme Court justices. By establishing 18-year terms and regularized appointments, we can ensure that justices do not remain on the bench indefinitely, insulated from public accountability.
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    Created by Valeria Trevino
  • Step down from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s spoiler presidential ticket!
    In March, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his running mate for his spoiler campaign for president—philanthropist and attorney Nicole Shanahan. Shanahan has every right to run on RFK Jr.'s ticket. But let’s be clear—RFK Jr.'s presidential campaign will not lead to the White House, the votes simply aren't there. It could, however, tip the scales in Donald Trump's favor. And a second Trump presidency would be catastrophic—for our environment, for our economy, and our democracy. That's why I have drafted an open letter urging Shanahan to step back from RFK Jr.'s presidential ticket and instead help elect President Biden. Read the open letter below and add your name to urge Shanahan to step aside from RFK Jr.’s campaign and instead join the progressive coalition working to defeat Trump in November.
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    Created by Ro Khanna
  • Add Your Name: Donald Trump is not above the law
    No one is above the law -- including Donald Trump. We are grateful to the public servants who have been working on this case and urge them to stay firm against any far-right backlash, intimidation, or disinformation.
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    Created by Common Cause Picture
  • Civilians need humanitarian aid NOW: Stop starvation in Gaza!
    International law mandates that Israel has legal responsibilities to protect Palestinian civilians, and to allow humanitarian aid, including food, to reach people, but that has not been the case for months. Hunger and malnutrition in the region have already exceeded the threshold for famine, but soon those levels will rapidly rise, causing mass devastation on many families and their children. Netanyahu and the Israeli government last week said it would stop working with the United Nations and Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), blocking necessary food convoys from entering north Gaza and helping civilians on the ground. We cannot let this continue. Immediate action needs to be taken NOW to prevent even more death in Gaza.
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  • Pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act!
    As the freedom to vote is being attacked by Republicans at the state level across the country, we need Congress to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to create national election standards so that all of us—no matter our color, Zip code, or income—have an equal say in our democracy.
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  • Navel Science With Coach Mac
    We need parents and students to sign this petition to keep the Navel Science class with our teacher Coach Mac at our school
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    Created by Lake Nona Student