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  • Help to stop the anti-trans bill in Florida from being passed against transgender cancer patients
    Transgender and transsexual people are being taken away their treatment for breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the risks for taking testosterone for trans people. With the bill still being approved by the house of Florida, we can prevent this from happening. If it gets approved, trans people will not be able to be treated for breast cancer in the state of Florida
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    Created by Aiden Lee
  • Tell Congress: Protect Our Kids’ Freedom
    The fight for trans rights is now federal. Congress has introduced the very first bill attacking transgender youth. Some Representatives are trying to ban trans kids from sports – and more bills pushing trans people out of public life are on the way. Members of Congress are fighting back – and they need to hear from you. Tell your Representative to vote “NO” on all bills that attack transgender Americans. Some members of Congress are trying to ban youth from school sports just because they’re transgender. But it’s not just about sports - this is the first of many attacks on the freedom of transgender people to be who they are. Politicians are pushing another bill taking away the right of young people and their families to get the healthcare they need. We must tell Congress that our government should not interfere with the care we receive, the curriculum our schools teach, or the freedom to be ourselves. When kids have the freedom to play, they build stronger bonds with their friends, their schools, and their communities. Title IX requires schools to adopt inclusive policies to provide these opportunities for all students regardless of gender – including transgender students. Send a message to your member of Congress now and call on them to protect trans rights by opposing H.R. 734.
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    Created by Destinee Dickson
  • Democrats should stop appearing on Fox News
    Fox “News” is a propaganda machine that spouts dangerous lies to advance the right-wing agenda and boost its own profits. We urge Democrats in Congress to refuse to appear on Fox until Tucker Carlson admits on live TV that he lied about the 2020 election and what happened on January 6.
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  • Trans right’s in Tennessee
    Transgender people are being forced to de-transition in the matter of 1 year. Transgender people don’t put other in danger but you know what does the tons of crimes in Tennessee. Including Drugs, child abused, shootings, sexual assault, and aggravated assault with is a 82% of all crimes
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    Created by Ellissa Posey
  • Tell Speaker McCarthy and Members of the House Majority to Back Off Our Benefits
    As our livelihoods hang in the balance, join Courage For America in demanding Congress promise to: → Back off our benefits and protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. → Pay the bills Congress already owes and prevent economic default by raising the debt limit. → Stop playing politics with the livelihoods of working people.
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    Created by Courage for America Picture
  • Oferta dos CTT para permitir o rastreio total USPS do correio registado de entrada nos EUA
    PETIÇÃO: Oferta dos CTT para permitir o rastreio total USPS do correio registado de entrada nos EUA. Caro Serviço Postal dos CTT de Portugal, Pedimos-lhe gentilmente que redefina as suas ofertas rastreadas relativas ao correio registado internacional de saída para os EUA. Quem somos nós? Somos uma comunidade de artesãos portugueses e lojas online com mais de 50% das nossas vendas a irem para o mercado americano. Enviamos vários milhares de encomendas de mercadorias vendidas aos nossos clientes privados nos EUA, e estamos a enviar-lhe este pedido devido aos contínuos problemas com as entregas para os EUA. Qual é o problema? Os números de rastreio de correio aéreo registados (com códigos de barras) não aparecem nos sistemas de rastreio USPS. Os CTT só nos permitem rastrear até à saída do país. Se o USPS continuar a não digitalizar os números de rastreio, os pacotes simplesmente desaparecerão. Nem sequer recebemos uma mensagem a afirmar que chegou aos EUA. Temos de fornecer provas aos nossos clientes de que os pacotes chegaram aos EUA. Estamos a experimentar um enorme crescimento de reclamações, reembolsos e feedbacks negativos dos nossos clientes dos EUA e, como resultado, continuamos a perder negócios e você também perderá negócios. Pagamos a forma mais elevada possível de envio de ofertas de CTT, no entanto não é suportada pelos sistemas USPS, como se vê neste aviso no seu website: ************************************************************************ Correio Registado Internacional Supressão do Rastreio de Correio Registado de Importação A partir de 1 de Outubro de 2015, os Correios Service™ deixarão de oferecer visibilidade para as importações internacionais Registadas Mail™ itens a menos que os Correios Internacionais tenham actualizado para oferecer aos seus clientes os produtos do U.S. Postal Service® que vêm com visibilidade. Os Correios Internacionais que actualizaram para oferecer aos seus clientes Produtos do Serviço Postal que oferecem visibilidade estão listados aqui: ************************************************************************** Como saberemos quando o destinatário recebe o pacote? Como saberemos se o destinatário assinou a encomenda? Como saberemos se uma notificação foi deixada ou não reclamada? Como saberemos se existe um atraso? O que é que perguntamos: Pedimos-lhe gentilmente que se torne compatível com o sistema de rastreio de correio aéreo registado USPS, mesmo que isso signifique que o custo de envio de correio registado de Portugal irá aumentar significativamente. Isso permitirá ao USPS digitalizar pacotes assim que estes chegam aos EUA. Gostaria que esta informação aparecesse no seu website para que todos os seus clientes e os nossos clientes nos EUA pudessem ter acesso a esta informação. Se estas informações não aparecerem, os CTT receberão inevitavelmente milhares de reclamações e pedidos de "Reclamações" para procurar correio registado perdido, que os CTT terão de compensar. Gostaríamos que todos os nossos clientes compreendessem claramente que os nossos pacotes deixaram efectivamente Portugal e estão à espera de serem processados numa das instalações de triagem dos USPS no território dos EUA. Esperamos realmente a vossa compreensão e cooperação. Muito obrigado pelo seu tempo, Dos vendedores em linha portugueses, das pequenas empresas autónomas, dos artesãos, dos remetentes de presentes registados regularmente e, claro, muitos agradecimentos dos nossos destinatários nos EUA.
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    Created by Tom Tom
  • Tell Congress to Act NOW: Prevent the Norfolk Southern train derailment from happening again!
    We need Congress to take swift action to hold railroads accountable and make workers and the broader public safer. The train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio in February, has cast a bright spotlight on the lack of regulation and oversight on our railway system. Congress needs to act to protect worker's rights and ensure that this doesn't happen again.
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  • Tell Walgreens: Side with the FDA, not anti-abortion politicians
    Abortion care and services are under attack in this country. Since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, state governments have passed cruel, draconian abortion bans around the country. The FDA has defended mifepristone, the first of two drugs in the medication abortion process, declaring that pharmacies should dispense mifepristone with a certified prescription -- but Walgreens, the second-largest pharmacy in the United States, just announced their intention to side with anti-abortion politicians, and will no longer fill prescriptions for mifepristone in 20 states. Walgreens must side with the FDA, not anti-abortion politicians and continue to fill mifepristone prescriptions in every state!
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    Created by More Perfect Union Picture
  • Increase Federal Minimum Wage for Servers
    For over thirty years my mother has worked as a professional server earning $2.13/hour. She has never once received a raise. Benefits have been reduced over time, rather than added. No more extra $1/hour for "Holiday work," no paid sick time, no free shift meal. Also, the servers are asked to take on more non-server work such as bussing tables, seating guests, answering phones, preparing food, vacuuming, attending to the increased carry-out demands... All work that is ineligible for tips, yet is still paid at $2.13/hour. This year, regular Federal Minimum Wage will increase to $11.25, yet servers are again left to bridge their own gap. We have lost so many workers from the service sector throughout the pandemic. This is surely one of the causes. Please consider increasing the Federal Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers.
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    Created by Chelsea Blasko Muse
  • Tell U.S. pharmacies: Provide abortion care to your customers!
    Tell U.S. pharmacies to not give in to GOP bullying and fascism and to protect their customers' right to abortion care!
    76,582 of 100,000 Signatures
    Created by UltraViolet Shaunna Thomas
  • Fair Regulations on Short-Term Rentals in Marfa, Texas
    The Marfa Chamber of Commerce, area residents, and community stakeholders are asking the Marfa City Council to begin looking at options for short-term rental regulations in Marfa that balance the needs of residents and the tourism industry and ensure the sustainability of our community. The residents most impacted by the negative effects of short-term rentals are those with infrastructural and service industry jobs. Our local economy cannot stand the continued increase in housing prices and lack of affordable long-term rentals.
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    Created by Marfa Chamber
  • No to Willow Project: Reject Fossil Fuel Expansion in Alaska!
    This is a pivotal moment in the fight against the climate crisis. The Biden Administration needs to stop the Willow Project and protect the communities and wildlife in Alaska.
    11,317 of 15,000 Signatures