To: Mr. Frank Schilwagner, Executive Director, Seattle Men's Chorus

Seattle Men’s Chorus: Hire a Qualified ASL Interpreter

Seattle Men's Chorus has continued, despite efforts from the Deaf community to intervene, to place Mr. Kevin Gallagher, who is not qualified as an ASL Interpreter for their performances. We are asking for an apology, Mr. Gallagher to be removed from his position, a qualified ASL Interpreter to be hired, and for Seattle Men's Chorus to work with Theatre, Allies and Deaf Audiences (TADA) to learn about providing appropriate access to Deaf audiences and to select the appropriate ASL interpreter.

Why is this important?

Deaf audiences in Seattle have made attempts since 1989 to educate the Seattle Men’s Chorus about the appropriate placement of ASL Interpreters, but have been ignored. Mr. Gallagher is popular and well liked with the hearing audiences, but he is not an effective interpreter. The purpose of an interpreter is to provide access to Deaf audience members, which has not happened. Seattle Men’s Chorus has as consistently prioritized their personal relationship with Mr. Gallagher above those of the needs of the Deaf audience, which he is supposed to serve.

Please see this Open Letter for more information -


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