To: Sally Jewell, US Secretary of Interior

Secretary Jewell: Finish the Job on Wolves

Dear Secretary Jewell,

I am writing to urge that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service maintain Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves currently protected under the Act.

The recovery of wolves in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes are remarkable examples of conservation successes. This success was only possible through the sustained protections provided by the Endangered Species Act.

Sixteen renowned scientists having expertise in carnivore taxonomy and conservation biology recently sent a letter to the Department of Interior and Fish and Wildlife Service expressing opposition to the plan to de-list wolves. There is no scientific consensus nor even substantial support for slashing these protections. And absent that there is no cause to enact this policy.


Why is this important?

Wolves are just now beginning to recover in the United States and Secretary Jewell has made a politically-motivated decision to placate special interests in the ranching and sporting communities to strip gray wolves of vital protections. Without these safeguards, wolves will never recover in most of the United States.