To: Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

Secretary Mattis: Denounce Trump's Attack on Transgender Troops

Donald Trump is betraying the Constitution and the basic American value of equality by trying to ban transgender people from the Armed Forces. Secretary of Defense Mattis has long supported US troops of all stripes, and he must publicly denounce this attack on our military.

Why is this important?

I am one of thousands of transgender troops and veterans who, unlike Trump, have willingly volunteered to defend this nation. Trump has no right to dishonor our service. This is particularly shameful because Trump seems to have made these statements without consulting the Pentagon or other military leadership. His tweets are already creating chaos and uncertainty among the ranks, and for people seeking to join the military.

Secretary Mattis can reassure our troops - and our country - by denouncing these statements, and sending a clear message that hate is not a military value.